La Guillette, maison de Maupassant à Etretat est en vente

Maupassant's house as described by his valet François Tassart

My master touches my arm and says : "You see there, in the valley, that is la Guillette, my house, that i love fondly."
We are one of the first to arrive at Etretat. My master rests a little and works on a new short story, in between his chronicles.
Then, he is occupied in his garden ; he spends hours with Cramoyson, discussing the location of the summer flower beds. He walks several times around his garden, goes to see his fish, comes in to bathe his eyes; he often writes until 11 o'clock, then takes a cold bath and lunch. After which, he shoots every day 40 to 50 bullets from his gun...

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